july, 2017


What’s greater than rescuing someone from drowning? Teach them how to swim!

 A person who cannot swim, cannot teach others. You have to go through the learning process yourself to know how it works. As a boxing coach, you have to take a beating to teach others how to endure it. A coach can train someone only if they’ve been through it themselves. So whatever you’re going through at this moment, maybe a training for you to train others later. You’re going to be a role model to the future.

So if you could, endure what you’re going through. Just hang in there. You might be a hidden weapon among the ones who persecute you. Don’t run away. You have been made to save even the ones who persecute you. Just wait for your time of glory…God will stand for you; and at that time the whole world will see and know that you were their blessing all this while.


Even nature will tremble at you! 


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