Here’s a project of mine that I’d like to call ‘Hope’.

‘Hope’ because this particular project taught me to blindly believe and hope in God.

I never really payed much attention to the plants that my mother grew in our little balcony garden.

To rewind a few days ago, I met a friend on my last job in Dubai who happened to be from Nepal.

Mohan, my new Nepalese friend introduced me to a special chili called “Dalle Khursani” that’s indigenous to Nepal. A tiny, round, red chili pepper.

I being more of the adventurous personality and a spice lover, gave it a shot.

That thing hit me like a bomb! Before I knew it, my eyes started watering. That chilli is no joke. I did loved the thrill it gave me though and so I decided to take a few back with me to grow them at home.

After watching a few videos on how to grow chillies, I followed the steps and sowed the seeds.

Nothing happened for more than two weeks. Whereas the videos mentioned that the chilli seeds should sprout within 6-8 days. Nothing of that sort was happening in my pot.

I almost started to lose hope when I spotted a tiny sprout emerging from the soil. The constant watering and caring for those seeds that were buried under the soil had payed off!

In a similar fashion, at times our dreams, ambitions and goals may seem hopeless. The air might be hot and dry with absolutely no sign of rain. But watering our dreams constantly with the water of prayers is what matters. The Lord will make them sprout.

At first what seemed to be just plain soil without any life is now populated with chilli saplings.

Faith, consistency and hope are what have brought forth the results. I’m happy!

-Nial Benjamin

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