“What would it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his own soul?” is the thought that passes through my head whenever I imagine living a luxurious life with all available amenities. While being lazy in bed this afternoon, having nothing constructive to do, I though it’d be best if I could use this time to get rid of all the junk on my laptop. I started off by deleting old irrelevant videos, scary ‘self-rejected’ selfies and other ugly things that occupied valuable space on my hard drive. Thats when I reached the album that had all the wonderful memories of my trekking trips.

Automatically a smile emerged on my face. Wow! Did I actually trek such places? Did I really cook food out in the wild? Did I fail ninety nine times at lighting the campfire and finally succeed the hundredth time? Yes I did! I’ve been there, done it all. I have spent some of the most wonderful days out in the wilderness. Trekking slippery mountains in the rains, crossing heavy flowing waterfalls, realising we had carried boiled eggs (that saved our lives) before we could starve, quarrelling over whether we should make our own path or follow the one that already had footprints? These are a few of the lovely times we’ve had. 

 Life outdoors away from family and civilisation is all about how you choose to look at it. Some consider it risky and dangerous while others find it to be one of the greatest stress relieving workouts. To me its always been a way of life, a place that has taught me to fend for myself, make-do with whatever I have, sleep hungry if I have to, sacrifice for others, watch out for the ones with me and use leaves if I ran out of paper/water. The outdoors are one of the best teachers of life. The most rejuvenating place. The rain that annoys you in the cities, will feel refreshing outdoors. The starry night sky that you would usually miss after a tiring day at work, is the most romantic scenes here.

 This is where you realise that life is still so much fun without modern day amenities. There’s an even more awesome world outside there. So while you read this, I’m planning on my next outdoor trip. 

 You don’t need expensive clothes, fast cars, or big houses to taste life at its best. You need to have the soul of a nomad. You’ll be ready to leave Earth in peace after you’ve lived THE OUTDOORS. 🙂